Linear Shower Drain 36 Inch, Grate Removable Rectangular Shower Drain Stainless Steel Brushed Finished Floor Drain for Modern Bathroom Commercial Kitchen

Short Description:

• Size and Material, 35.4″ length, 3.9″ width, 1.6″ central outlet, 304 stainless steel, drain surface brushed finished.

• Effective drainage, the cover can quickly drain and achieve the first filtration, stainless steel filter achieve the secondary filtration.

• Cover Removable, it be removed by the stainless steel lifting key easily, very convenient for regular cleaning.

• Elegant Design, black matte surface, wear-resistant, and offer a tidy and luxurious look on your floor.

• Our shower drain can be used in bathroom, kitchen, pool, balconies, garage, basement and toilet etc.

Product Detail

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The shower Drain Material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel, Made of strong 304 grade Stainless Steel, Brushed Surface, Brushed Steel Finished protect against corrosion & rust.

Deep Slope Design: Shallow 'V' Profile to Aide Flow of Water to Shower Drain Outlet. Enhanced internal slope virtually eliminates water remaining in the channel.

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