Brass Bathroom Floor Drain Square Shower Sink Drain

Short Description:

• Dimension: 100*100mm(3.94*3.94inch)

• Drain Base Flange: 2” Or 1.6″ Outlet

• Includes: Drain kit includes shower drain base, detachable water filter (adjustable tube), you can easily remove the cover for cleaning.

• Preventing unpleasant smell, insects and mice from entering the house.

• Installation: Square shower drain outlet easy to unload, fits US Drain Base System. Can be used in bathroom, kitchen, pool, balconies, garage, basement and toilet etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

4 Inch Brass Bathroom Floor Drain Square Shower Sink Drain Strainer with Removable Cover, Carved, Antique-2

Type: Drains

Style: Antique / Art Carved

Finish: Antique Brass

Material: Brass

Dimension: 100*100mm(4*4inch)

The diameter of the cess-pipe: 2 inch

Net Weight (kg): 0.41

Shipping Weight (kg): 0.45

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