Industry-leading Building Line protection

Protect your building from stormwater flooding with JC BuildLine, a state-of-the-art range of industry-leading drainage solutions that are suitable for a wide variety of applications.
JC BuildLine comes with a variety of certified slip-resistant options and assists in the protection of buildings from stormwater damage. This range is fully backed by a complimentary hydraulic design service and is Watermark approved.


Drainage system requirements differ greatly across specific building applications. Each drainage element must be carefully considered to assess their visual and functional impact on the design of a building.

There are three key elements behind choosing the best drainage system for the project: aesthetics, sizing and hydraulics.

When choosing a drainage system it is important to carefully consider the aesthetic objectives and ensure the system is consistent. The best drainage system will enhance the overall aesthetic of the space and will not detract from it.

An assessment of the hydraulic capacity of the channel and grate is essential to ensuring the building has appropriate barrier protection that prevents rainwater from infiltrating a building. Catchment hydraulics are site-specific and therefore require specific calculations to ensure drainage systems are correctly selected and sized. It is also important to consider the specific site and user requirements. For every application, consider the traffic flow (bare feet, heels, vehicles etc.), the environment (ocean/swimming pool proximity, sheltered or exposed to the elements) and the legislative requirements (slip-resistance, load ratings etc.).

Post time: Nov-08-2021